Thursday, March 27, 2003

i have a lamp, but it has no light bulb.
We have a big need for lighting in case anyone has any extra cans or ropes or spots or whatever.

:) Kerry

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Got an email from Neil Lambert who will be tracking with us in England:

Dear Andrew I was at the gathering in Prague last year and am a big fan of your site.l really wish l could be with you all in Austin for wabi-sabi. l thought ld make some art works for the conference here in Cambridge uk instead.Beginning on friday at 12am (6pm your time) with a tea ceremony and prayer.One art work a day ending on sunday at3.30am with a closing tea and prayer.( 9.30am your time,I think) What you are doing and the way its being done is really important and gives hope to so many! me included. love and peace Neil Lambert.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Hello Everyone,
Here is a list of what I will have at the site on Friday night - I thought this might help to clear up any confusion or mystery as to the sound system.
I am looking forward to working with all of you and I am excited about all the amazing things that God is going to do in and through us!

Main PA - JBL SR-Pro series Dual 15's X mid and hi (horn) cabinets. (Bi, Tri, or Full)
Amps - Crown - CE2000(mon), Microtech 2400(main)
Monitors - Yamaha - SM12's
Mics - SURE 58's[vox], and 57's[inst] - stands - booms (Drum mics - AKG, Audio Technica and Sure)
DI boxes
Snake - 100' 24x8
Main Board - Sound Craft 24
Aux Boards - Peavy 24, Yamaha 16
FX - tons (5 racks)
EQ - 32, 64 (mains and monitors)
CD/Tape - Tascam A500

Projector - Sharp LCD - (1024x768 native - 1200ansi lumens)
Screens - 6x8 Cinefold (ProSquare Frame - rear or front) 3x4 (Tripod - front only)
Projector Stand - telescoping adjustable

Please email me directly with a list of your "SOUND INPUT" needs - mics, di's, inputs.
email me

I would like to be prepared for you when you show up.
Just let me know your instrumentation or what kind of output you will be sending me.

Kerry will be the guy to talk to about your power needs.

Bob out...

mark-- what time is tim's flight coming in? and are you still willing to pick someone else up from the airport? if so will you please email me

thanks so much
jay you may touch base with Bob Carlton. we will be using his sound system and from what he's told me it will handle anything we can put it through. you can email him here - we will need a small setup for the dinner music, but i'ma thinking that Bob can handle several different sets at once. dunno for sure.

the generator is not making the trip so hopefully that doesn't change anyone's plans. :)
rain, rain go away!
I was just wondering about getting a good quality sound system some beats I'm going to be
laying down are pretty harsh, so if it could handle a strong base and such that would be wonderful.
I was told if I mention something we could get a really decent sound system there, but at the fear of imposing
I am avoiding asking for a better sound system, so please note the implications and subtle hints.
Steve Taylor, who was trying to fly to USA for the conference this week, regrets that he cannot come. But he has posted last weekends OUTDOOR PEACE SERVICE from his church in New Zealand. That "Peace On Earth" song from U2 has also been rattling and humming in my mind this week. TAke a look at what they did last week - I would be curious to know how you feel about doing something that speaks deeply into the war situation on friday. not talking about protest. talking about catching and expressing our deepest fears and prayers and offering them to God, hearing from God, and responding.

Monday, March 24, 2003

main power to the tent area is taken care of and we will have some extension cords and power strips available. if anyone has extra extension cords that they can bring that would help out a lot.

Sunday, March 23, 2003

I was told to finish letting you guys through here know what I need for friday night. Umm, I need three outlets (3 hole) to hook up my turntables and mixer, and might need 3 extension cords if I'm not really close to the outlets because my cords from my turntables are really short. And I'll repost about the table I need so its all in one place:
I need a table 2 and 1/2 feet to 4 feet high (preferably 3 ft high, but I can manage within these measurements), and at least 3ft. long and 2 ft. wide. I also need an RCA out cable to a whatever input the sound system is, Bryan Seay said he could help with any questions you guys had about this, unfortunately my knowledge does not extend to pro audio stuff. I'm sorry, I feel like I'm barking out orders or something, I really appreciate all your guys help, and really look forward to next weekend.
peace out,

Friday, March 21, 2003

Hiyas. This is Mark/Marr. I live here in Austin. If you need audio-related supplies still (power strips, cables, etc.) let me know and I will see what I can pull together. I do have a pair of 2-way 15" 150Wish speakers that are rugged and mobile if there's a need for them. They're not dancefloor-blasting powerful (only do highs and "mid-bass"), but good for monitoring or public address. (I don't have an amp for them.)

Re those dj cd-players, it'll probably be more than $25 since I got a quote on the wrong setup. Tuesday will still be the day to reserve them and I'll go take care of that then after I double-check with Tim on the correct rig.


Wednesday, March 19, 2003

'rock and roll rentals'
they have a decent setup (2x cd decks + mixer)

Mark writes:
I went by the place today and talked to the d00d. He said we can pick it
up next Tuesday and they'll charge us the weekend rate ($25).

andrew thanks for the specifics on what you are bringing and what you are needing and everyone else please do the same. the area where this event will take place is a large open caleche field that will be approximately 150 to 300 feet away from electrical services. i will be bringing two 100' 10 GA contruction grade extension cords to get power to where you will need it. any requirements even down to how many amps your equipment may pull will be helpful, this will also aid those who are setting up the venue next week.

i will also most likely be bringing a small generator capabale of running some basic spots. the idea is to bounce the lights off the water and create that dancing water effect on the trees around the perimiter of the tank. i have not confirmed that the generator will work, but if it does i'll bring it. this could also be used elsewhere if we had a better use for it.